Monday, May 23, 2005

Mood: Introspective
Music: Evanescence

I've been thinking lately that I have a very strange mental filing system. There's SO much I can't remember - things I think I should remember. And then there are odd things that I remember - small, insignificant things that you'd think would just get lost in obscurity.

For example, in my junior year of high school, we (the marching band) got to go to Disney World in Florida to march in one of the Magic Music Days parades. We were there for a week. All I remember about that trip are a couple of the rides at Disney, and the fact that one of our drum majors got sun poisoning. That's it. I don't remember the parade, the hotel, the beach at Daytona, who I roomed with....nothing. But I can remember every note and step of our music and drill from my freshman year of high school.

There are tons of those type of things in (or missing from) my memory. Huge events just swept away, with meaningless minutae left behind. And it BUGS me to no end!!!

I was a majorette when I was young - probably around 6 or 8 years old. I have one image in my head of seeing....................holy shit! I JUST remembered being in a different group....I can't remember what they were called....but I switched from baton to pom-poms, and they were yellow and red and we practiced in a little room somewhere..this was after being a majorette for a while - we had moved. I couldn't tell you if we ever marched in a parade or performed, but I just had a flash of being in that practice room as I was thinking about the first image - which was also a practice room, but much larger. Anyway, with the first group, I have a flash of a practice room and the sound of the taps on the tips of our little white boots.

And I really have to go now - my head just feels like someone just slammed a railroad spike through my forehead.


ZiPpo said...

Miss Sapphire! I forget stuff too, no worries, where are my pants?

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