Friday, May 06, 2005

Mood: indecisive
Music: none - can't decide what to listen to

It's one of those days. I want to listen to music, but can't decide what to listen to, or even pick a genre. I want to play a computer game, but can't decide which one. Do I want Chess, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sacred, or just goof off on pogo.com? Who knows - I certainly don't!

I wonder if maybe this mood is just a sign that my brain is otherwise occupied and can't be bothered right now to commit resources to such frivolity.

Oh....that reminds me of my old boss.

When I was a paralegal, the other paralegals and I would gather each morning after the attorney left for court and have a sort of hen-session. Once in a while, the boss would forget something, have to come back, and catch us in the act - usually while we were laughing our butts off over something he said, etc. He'd pop his head in, scowl, and say "There's entirely too much frivolity in here!" Which, of course, would send us off laughing as soon as he left again.

Anyway - I'm going to go find something engaging to do. Talk amongst yourselves...


Jane said...


ZiPpo said...

Sounds like a melancholy day, Missy. Listen to some Sarah McLaughlin, or Dido.

ZiPpo said...

Oops, that's Sarah McLachlin... sheesh! Your 13-month-old son can speak better than I can spell. Must have more caffine.

Sapphire's Soul said...

Actually, ZiPpo, it's Sarah McLachlan. ::grin::

And yes, "Fumbling Towards Ecstatsy", "Surfacing", and Dido's "No Angel" get put in the CD changer together frequently - my favorite CD combo, in fact. :)

Thank you for the reminder!

Oh, and Jane - Thanks! I love it, too!

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