I'm Gonna Have a Runnin' Fit

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mood: Irritated
Music: none

I'm so freaking aggravated right now - I just feel like I'm going to fly apart into a million pieces!!!!!

The kids have been driving me CRAZY!! All week, Little Man (son, 14 mos) has been teething, and by now, he has the corresponding rash and now THAT is making him howl. I feel bad for the kid, but whenever he howls like that....it's like my brain short circuits - I simply can't even THINK! That alone is enough to make crispy critters of my nerves, but add to it Blondie (oldest daughter, 8) and Little Red (youngest daughter, 5) bickering all week and I'm just a basket case.

I've had enough. Mommy needs a vacation. Send out the lifeboats.

I'm so frazzled I can't even settle down now that they are all (mercifully) asleep. Maybe running around the house a few dozen times will help - I just don't know.

Wait - maybe I do know. But I can't do it (not THAT, gutterbrain - THAT is the last thing I need right now!). What I need is one of those huge garden tubs full of bubble bath so I can soak and soak and soak for a few hours. The puny little bathtub we have just doesn't cut it, you know? A gal needs to be able to totally submerge - not leave her knees sticking out like two vocanic islands! Anyway, that's one of my absolute requirements for the house we plan to build in a couple years. It MUST have an oversized tub - whirpool jets would be nice, too, although I plan on having a hot tub in the next house, too.

If I can just....hang...on...for....two...more....years....

Nevermind the sound of weeping. Hand over the tissues and turn off the light when you leave.


prying1 said...

One thing I like to use for relaxing is a computer game that you don't have to think too hard to play. That and reading fairy tale type stories. Like Andersons fairy tales and such. Childrens books can be a cathartic way to regress.

Deek Deekster said...

"I'm so freaking aggravated right now" - surely you mean fucking aggravated ?

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