Happy Pills, NeoPets, and Anguissettes

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mood: fair to middlin'
Music: 80's music channel

I went to my doctor's appointment and I got through it without throwing up from the anxiety! I hate going to the doctor to begin with, but going to the doctor to tell them you're mental is so much worse, somehow!

Anyway, she put me on Wellbutrin XL and made me an appointment to see her again in three weeks.

Not a single one of my family or friends is surprised. Fortunately, though, they are also very supportive. My husband, bless his heart, called me four times today to see if I was ok. He worries (too much) about possible side effects. I told him each time that no, I hadn't started doin' the tuna yet. (and before anybody jumps my shit about that last phrase, I have a very good friend who has frequent seizures, and if she can have a sense of humor about it (the phrase is how she refers to it), so can you - so jump off)


I had heard of NeoPets before, but never known what it was all about. Well, somehow, one of my homeschooling email lists got on the topic of NeoPets, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other obsessions of youth. Somebody said she was having as much fun with NeoPets as her kids were, so I thought I'd check it out.

I'm now the proud owner of a sweet little tiger-lookin' thing (a Krouga, if I remember correctly). I have a little shop. I'm addicted to a couple of the games. All in the course of one day. I'm glad we have two computers set up right now, or the kids and I would be battling for NeoPet time. As it is, I might end up setting up one of the other puters with a wireless card so we can all be on at the same time (and play games together). Of course, we really need to get that third puter set up anyway, for this year's homeschooling. I have plans that will require both kids to have ready access, and right now they are sharing a puter with Hubby. My computer is off limits to everyone else, naturally. I'm the only one in the house that really knows more than the basics about computers, and Hubby has a blue thumb. He crashed my puter once, and went out that weekend to buy one for himself. He said he didn't want to bring down that kind of wrath ever again....... lol.

I suppose I'm done with the puter for the night. I'm going to plop myself down in the rocker and read Kushiel's Dart (yeah, I'm rereading it). Scintillating bedtime reading. ; {)

Love as thou wilt.....


Doll Mouth said...

I know this is the section to comment on your post but I just had to say I love the look of your blog.

pia said...

Think that there's shame in not seeing the doctor, and that medication can be a miracle

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