Caffeine-induced Silliness

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mood: so wired on caffeine that I can't quit clenching my teeth
TV: Deadliest Catch

Boy, am I wound up! I keep trying to relax my jaw, but every time I quit concentrating, my teeth clench again. I'm going to have a hell of an achy mouth tomorrow!

Had a little fun at hubby's expense tonight. Heehee! I tell ya, a man really hates it when you can't quit laughing when he has his penis exposed. I wasn't laughing at his penis, though - I was laughing at the expression on his face. It was priceless! I had put on some shimmering lotion earlier this evening. Later, I gave him a hand job (I wasn't hearing any complaints at that point). Weeellll, he went in to use the bathroom afterward, and I heard him say "What the hell did you DO? There's glitter all over my dick!" Ummm. Ooops!! He came out and showed me, and the look on his face was so...bewildered...that I couldn't quit laughing! I tried, really, I did!

So, anyway, a tip for the ladies - wash your hands after applying shimmering lotion, especially if you're going to handle your guy's goods!

Well, I can't sit still any longer, so I think I'll go run around the house for a while! Have fun, y'all!


Skarr said...

I had a good laugh reading your post..

Thanks for the comments you left on my site. I completely agree with you on this. There is no perfect system, as the Govt is finding out after spending billions of $ on high tech..

These guys are evil and with their devious ways of thinking, which ordinary folks like us are incapable of even imagining, they will come up with a low tech way of worming their way in.

Agent 99 said...

Ha-ha-ha...that's great!

(I thought I was the only one that had that happen.) :-P

NO guy can understand the humor.

Swing by and check out my site sometime.


Jeans Mommy said...

THAT is too funny!!!! Tell him you are just trying to keep things fresh and original ;)

Sapphire's Soul said...

Good! Now I'm not the only one laughing!

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