Monday *yawn* Morning

Monday, April 21, 2008

Okay, okay. I'm outta bed. I have an eye peeled open and am working on consuming enough caffeine to power the other one. Why am I so tired? Because I was up until 3am-ish working on a slide show.

I discovered the other day that Adobe Photoshop Elements does slideshows. So...I hadta do one, just 'cause. That's how I do.

Apparently, how I do also includes staying up obnoxiously late on a Sunday night to finish one of these little projects. I so totally ignored the fact that I have to drag my ass out of bed by 7:45 to drive the kids to school at 8:00...*yawn*....

Good news is, I got it done. Bad news is, the file's too big to send it in email. So I guess it'll have to wait for distribution. That's okay - it's just pics of me and some music, so I'm sure some poor unsuspecting soul will be glad they can't be ambushed with it!

Well, that's all I'm writin' for now. Tough cookies. *yawn* I'm gonna go rest my eyes....


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