Monday, April 07, 2008

My 1-pound bag of D&D dice arrived today! Ninety-seven new polyhedral dice in a variety of colors and sizes. Way too cool!

After plucking out a few choice ones to augment the 56 dice I had from my college days, I put the rest in a clear divider box for the gaming table. I now get to keep my original dice (my pwecious) to myself to use as a DM set. Never realized DMing took so many dice! To make it easy on myself, though, it helps to have enough 10-siders for all the monsters' initiative rolls, etc. I assign each baddie a different colored die and roll 'em all out at once.

What kind of geek am I do be doing a happy dance over dice? Well, a happy one, of course!

I have to say, most of the dice in the bag were not what I would have picked, but for bulk dice they're okay. The kids like them - good thing, too, because they're going to be using the speckled buggers! I'll keep my pretty marbled ones, my glittering ones, and my gem-like transparent ones.

Roll a Life's Little Delights check.


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