Trying for a PS3

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ok, this time, I'm getting in early on this! I waited around too long for the ipod.

The folks that did the free ipod thing are offering a free PS3. You sign up, complete an offer, and start referring.

I chose to do the RealArcade offer, because I love games. If you want to jump on this one, go
HERE! (please please please)


Zach said...

Decent blog design.

martijn said...

Awesome image, did you make that?

adhdpodcaster said...

Hello Sapphire Soul:

Wow, what a beautiful site you have. How did you create such a blog?

Absolutely love it. I've put a link to your site at The ADHD Podcaster

Would be swell if you would link to be too.

My podcast is about ADHD by the way :)

Warmest regards,
Hoe Bing

ten33girl said...

LOVE the design of your page =)

Sapphire's Soul said...

Thanks guys! No, I didn't make the image, it came with the blog skin. I love it, too.

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