Yeah, I Know. I Missed Y'all, Too.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Mood: Goofy
Music: you kidding? The kids are asleep. Shhh......don't breathe too loud, I'm stealing some me time.

Good grief it's been eons since I last posted. ::rolling eyes::

Time is one of those elusive things for me. It just sort of slips through my fingers. One minute it's Sunday afternoon and the next it's Thursday night. At least, it seems that way. Ask me what day of the week it is, and unless it's cheerleading season (which it is right now, which is why I'm so dag-blamed busy), I really have to think hard about it. Hell, every year I spend all of May feeling like it's June, and all of July going "what happened to June?"...June is just greasy, I've come to believe. Slips right by with nary a squeak.

Well, we had some excitement a couple of weeks ago. I had just slipped into bed at 4am on a Sunday morning after spending all night MUD/MUSHing (google it, ok?), and not three minutes after I lay down, I heard a noise outside. It was a soft "thunk", and then about 10 seconds later, another "thunk". Nothing loud. Nothing that far out of the ordinary..but I got up and looked out the window to see. Next thing I did was hiss "Holy shit! Honey, get the gun - there's someone in your car!"

I've never seen anyone move quite that fast in my life. I swear, the man jumped right out of bed from a sound sleep, got the gun down, loaded it, and was out the front door in 15 seconds! He jumped the steps, landed on the walkway, and fired a warning shot. The two guys went running off into the woods. Long story short, they didn't get anything, and the sheriff's deputy found one of the guys' sneakers at the property line. Someone had a nasty, painful run through the woods!

About a week later, the sheriff's office called and told us that many of our neighbors had reported items missing that Sunday. These guys had been roaming the neighborhood. They just picked the wrong house when they hit us. I just looked at my husband and said "So are you going to gripe anymore about my staying up 'til all hours of the morning?" He didn't have much to say on that count....

Of course lots more has happened in the last couple of months, but I'm not going to fit it all in right now. It'll keep.

This Karamel Sutra ice cream, however, won't last nearly so long! Yummy!


bluezy/oppius/theseus/tabernicum said...

And you did not share????

ZiPpo said...

Dear One,
I have missed you as well. You left me hangin! Speaking of firearms, in the Great Republic of Texas, no charges are brought against ye for shootin' first and asking questions later, if'n some asswipe trys to enter your home or steal your property. God Save The Republic. Keep your ears open, missy, and the gun loaded, after all, the bad guys have one.

Glad you are back.

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