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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Right now, I have a migraine. You know, the kind of I'm-dizzy-nauseated-somebody-please-split-my-skull-open-and-make-it-feel-better kind of thing. Am I laying down in the dark in a fetal position like I ordinarily would be under such conditions? Nope.

I have things I want to do, dammit, so I'm wearing my sunglasses to cut the light from the computer screen, taking obscene amounts of Excedrin, balancing an ice pack on the top of my head, and trying desperately to just keep going. I think if I stop and go lay down, I'll have nothing to take my mind off the pain, and that won't be pretty. I'm not letting this stupid migraine stop me from having time to myself!

What's so important? Why, gaming, of course! MUDding, MUSHing, and MUCKing about. My characters might be a little crabby tonight, but that might make killing dragons and such all the more satisfying. And in the more social arenas, I might manage to be ruthless and start an all-out war. Sounds fun to me!

How appropriate is it that I'm watching Dungeons & Dragons? ::grin::

Yeah, I'm one of -those- types. Deal with it.

Oh....one cool thing before I go. I was playing with name generators (google 'name generator' and have fun), and got the following:
  • Opal Wave Dancer
  • Bithore the Ash Maker (Sky Blue Dragon)
  • Nienna Elensar
  • Black Jenny Roberts
  • Kali Flame Hawk
  • Scaju Jocor

The most interesting/odd one was when I entered my old married name in and got...Lucid Nightmare. How appropo is that?


ZiPpo said...

You will always be Sapphire Soul to me. Yar! Try 1600mgs of Ibuprofin. Short of an injection, it will nail a migraine. I make a run to Mexico at least twice a yeArrrr to stock up on the 800 mg Ibuprofino's, $10 for 100 caps. I will be happy to send you some. Migraines make me sick.

Thanks for you comment on my blog. I smiled when I saw it. Thank ye verily.

frankybme said...

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Chicka said...

LOL @ the old married name.

Hope you're feeling better by now.

My word verification was "ykepi". Sounds like a cool foreign word! LOL!

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