Old Friends, Birthdays, and Other Happenings

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yesterday I got the weirdest urge to play in a MUD (that's Multi-User Dungeon for those that didn't know). I had played in one a few years ago, but stopped playing when I got too busy. I couldn't remember the name of the MUD I'd played in, or the name of my character, or the names of any of my friends in the MUD (except Belgarath - that name stuck in my head, but only because I like the books).

So, anyway, I started looking up MUDs, and in a list a half-mile long, spotted the name of the MUD I'd been in before. It was one of those 'recognize it when you see it' things. So I went on as a Guest (I still couldn't remember my own darned character name) to look around. Of course, I've completely forgotten the commands to do just about anything, so I sat in Central Park for a while. I walked around a little bit. Somehow, I ran into my friend from college (D), that I hadn't talked to in years! We spent some time catching up, and he updated me on what the folks I used to hang out with were doing. I found out that my old roommate is now in a state mental facility, but the rest of the gang seems to be doing well. D moved to Israel, so it was the middle of the night for him while we were talking.

I just find it amazing that he and I connect and talk ever few years or so. It's really neat and fun! We emailed pics - I sent some of myself and my kids, he sent one of himself in Israel with beautiful old buildings in the background. He says I haven't changed. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I mean, does that mean I am stuck looking like something from 1990 or that I'm aging well? lol

I don't seem to get in touch with anyone else from high school or college. Then again, I really don't really want to hear from the high school crowd. I don't go to class reunions or anything. I figure that everything between age 0-17 is a chunk of my life I'd rather forget! Sometimes it all seems like a nightmare that happened to someone else, and maybe, in a way, it did. I'm not the same person I was then, and many of the memories seem so...surreal. ::deep breath:: OK....change of subject.

Today is Little Red's birthday. She's all excited, of course, and I like to make a big deal of birthdays. She's exempt from chores today, and can pick what we have for dinner tonight. She pretty much rules the roost today, but that's neat. She's the middle child, and she sometimes feels left out - not young enough to be babied like Little Man, not old enough to be able to do what She-Who-States-the-Obvious is allowed to do. So today, it's all about Little Red. :)

Last night, the Queen of Crochet (my best friend) and I made one of our late-night WalMart runs to go get Little Red's cake, ice cream, and presents. I was looking for a DVD, and the electronics section was torn apart for floor cleaning. At least, that's what I think it was. There were three people scraping the floor, and about nine people standing around watching them. I had to climb over several racks to get to what I was looking for, but I found it in spite of them! I also got her a book and two computer game sets, since I recently put one of the spare computers in their room. I would have gone for something more along the line of toys, but really, I couldn't bring myself to get them more junk! They share a room, and they have too much as it is (at least until the garage sale QoC and I are having in three weeks).

Cheer season starts in two weeks. I don't think I want a squad this year (dealing with obnoxious parents sucks - that's a whole 'nother post). I want to do what I did last year, and be Stunt Coordinator for the competition squads. I want to sent a squad to Nationals this year! Last year we made it to Regionals, and placed well, but not quite high enough to go to Nationals. For this year, I've got several new stunt ideas, and one killer opening sequence! ::grin:: We have a dance team this year, and I've been asked to help out there, too. This stuff is just way too fun!


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