Thursday, June 05, 2008

Finally. After what has become a blurry length of time.....a peaceful night's sleep. Dreamless. Restful.

I woke this morning feeling not so much like a new person, but like a person who has been granted some sort of reprieve - like someone covered the spikes in the bed for one night. I don't feel tormented and confused this morning. A little fragile, yes, but the kind that will solidify if given the chance.

My body feels different. I didn't realize I was carrying around that much tension, but the absence of it is astonishingly noticeable. I move freely. I realize now that I had been walking around as though something hurt inside. I guess it did, but I didn't figure it was that severe. Now, not having that stiff, careful quality to my movements...I feel almost like dancing.

But for now, I just want to sit here and take stock of things and enjoy the liberated feeling. At least until I have to start dealing with the things I stopped tending to during all this. I think I can do that, though, with this sun that has come out from behind those big, dark clouds.


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