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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mood: industrious
Music: the backyardigans (on TV)

Well, I've spent some time converting my old template from HTML to XML, and am in the process of doing little tweaks. I tried lining the header up with the body, mostly because some part of me said it must be aligned, and decided I didn't like it that way. Since I'm unconventional to begin with, this way suits me just fine. ::grins::

So anyway, I was going through my comments, weeding out the bits of spam, and I discovered a comment from 2005 that really surprised me. Well, the comment didn't surprise as much as the author did. Back in 2005, I had no idea who Gena Showalter was, and read the comment without giving it a thought other than "why, thank you". Now, though, I know who she is, having recently read her Lords of the Underworld series (which is great, by the way - go read it!). You can find her blog here.

How cool is that? ::happy dance::

On a sadder note, I discovered that one of the people I regularly communicated with in the blogosphere seems to have disappeared. His blog has sat inactive since 2006. Of course, I can completely relate - the whirlwind of life just has a way of picking you up and tossing you to places where blogging is the last thing on your mind or what you have time for. So, I hold out hope that he'll return, much the way I keep doing.

I have again come to the conclusion that my blogging is mostly for my own amusement, and that putting that into some narrow topic like all the blogging 'experts' recommend is counter-productive for me. I am eclectic, and my blog reflects that. Works for me. ::smiles::

Time to go play with some more of the new Blogger toys that didn't work with the HTML!


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