My Meager Poetry: Untitled

Thursday, January 26, 2006

*****DISCLAIMER: Before y'all go jumpin' off the deep end over this one, I have to say this. I am depressed. Therefore I have a dark outlook right now. But suicide takes something I don't have: guts, motivation, and ambition. So chill, relax, read, and enjoy a walk into the more surreal side of my head.*****

Loosening the moorings
Slipping the knots
Weigh the anchors
Quiet my thoughts

Ironic that peace comes
When you're saying goodbye
To a life filled with pain
And terror, and 'why?'

The taxes need filing
Hope they water my plant
Give them strength to cope
Because I just can't

I don't want to be here
It's as simple as that.
So raise my kids
And take care of my cat.

Don't take it personally
It's not about you
I'm tired of fighting
It's what I want to do

But like anything else
I want to achieve
I lack ambition
and I've earned no reprieve.

(c) SapphireSoul 2006 (Don't steal this - go get your own misery to write about)


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